Charity Event Ideas

Raising money for charity can often be quite difficult, but when executed properly it can be a tremendous success. We’ve found that charity event ideas are best if it’s a mix of innovative and different, as well as the traditional silent auction. Contributors like to feel that they’re getting their money’s worth when donating and you also want them to feel that their donation is appreciated. There are always good staples in terms of charity events, such as raffles of prize donations, but if you want to make your fundraiser stand out, it’s important to think outside the box. Here are four charity event ideas that are customisable to your event space and can be great fun for everyone:

Record Breaking Attempt

The Guinness Book of Records is always looking for new records. By browsing through their website, you can choose a category that relates to your fundraiser. Once you have approval, you simply host a ‘pay to participate’ event, which will also generate interest from sponsors too who want to get in on the action.

Competitions within a Fundraiser  

Family and school orientated events go hand-in-hand. Why not arrange for the schools in your district to battle it out in the name of charity? Families can then purchase tickets to either participate or being a spectator with a picnic. You can even call upon local celebrities or prominent members of the community to get involved and judge the event.

Audience Participation

Events in which people pay to participate is an excellent platform that can be integrated into your fundraiser. For instance; cooking shows are increasing in popularity and aspiring chefs and foodies are just itching to get their creativity noticed. You could organise an event where people purchase a stall or stand space to showcase their food, then guests can attend and pay to taste a variety of dishes.

Experience Events

An event where people can do something, or watch something, out of the ordinary is an ideal way to encourage ticket sales. Consider a murder mystery party format, team building golf days, obstacle courses or even something like intensive training sessions with seasoned athletes. The importance here is to ensure that it’s an experience that they won’t find elsewhere, but easy to execute.

On top of a one-of-a-kind idea for fundraising, it’s very important to ensure that your basics are covered. Social media is everywhere, so ensure that you have a catchy title for your event, an effective digital presence before, during and after, as well as a platform where people can donate online as well. Most importantly, having an impressive event space is key to the experience for you as an event coordinator and for your guests. As the saying goes; location, location, location.