Shared Christmas Party Menu

Camembert, Fig & Onion
Baked camembert and fig tartlet, white onion chutney, sweet pea and endive

Slow Braised Beef Featherblade
Buttermilk creamed potato, glazed navets and a cabbage pie

Wild Mushroom Steamed Pudding (V)
Potato and carrot dauphinoise, braised savoy cabbage with a Madeira cream sauce

Ginger & Crème Fraiche Pannacotta
Bergamot jelly, mulled wine poached pears and a brandy snap shard

Late Night Snack (served around 11pm)
Crispy Streaky Bacon
on a rich bap with ketchup

Portobello and Gruyère Slider
Romaine lettuce and honey mayonnaise